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HPA Speed Trigger

The Canadian based company, SPEED Airsoft, is well known for producing some wicked cool looking aftermarket parts for airsoft guns. Among which is an adjustable trigger widely known as the “Speed Trigger”. This trigger has a set screw on its spur which allowed the user to adjust the stroke distance of the trigger in their AEG’s. For those not familiar with this terminology, the stroke distance is how far you have to pull the trigger from its resting position to the point that the rifle fires. Typically speaking, the shorter the stroke, the faster you could fire the rifle in semi-automatic.

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PolarStar Mini FCU Walkthrough

The new PolarStar Mini FCU is a more compact and less expensive option for single-solenoid HPA systems.

New voltage regulators allow for extremely low power consumption in sleep mode. Drawing under 28uA while idle, the Mini FCU is over 300 times more efficient than the original Standard FCU and can operate in sleep mode for close to one year on a small 250mAh pack.

Elimination of the solenoid MOSFET, joystick and LCD, along with careful selection of the remaining components, allowed the size of the Mini FCU to be reduced significantly compared to other FCUs. It's small size allows the Mini FCU to fit inside the gearbox shell keeping the control unit and wire harness protected from damage.

Despite it's size, the Mini FCU actually expands on the functionality of the Standard FCU by adding an integral Motor Control Unit and support for 4-position selectors. In order to make setup as easy as possible the MCU output port can be used with either a box mag or optional speaker to provide feedback during programming.

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About Us

PolarStar Airsoft was formed in 2009 as a part of PolarStar Engineering & Machine with the goal of bringing our engineering experience and focus on quality to airsoft. Since then, PolarStar has made innovative airsoft products of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in the USA.

PolarStar products, including the patented Fusion Engine are designed by airsoft players, incorporating airsoft experience with the feedback of the commnity.

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